Intimations of a Grand Plan

Good tidings traveler.

If you have perused the logs of Dr. Saens, you may suspect he that he came across something truly terrifying. It is unclear what he found. He went missing sometime in April 1923, never to be heard of again...

Until now.

The torn pages from the log have recently been discovered - locked in a chest found near the bottom of the Severn region during a commercial lingcod and sea bass fishing operation.

Much of what he wrote on these pages is mindless dribble...the incoherent ramblings of a man who departed from sanity long ago, likely the sequela of occult mental illness

LOG 1.9.2023

Heed my words....


sTaSiS - my innocent treasures are offered to you.....return two of my treasures and I will reward you with a glimpse of the Deep, a vision from which the heretic was borne


hEReTIC - do you dare see what I have seen? those who sacrificed my treasures will be allowed to glimpse....others may not


mInDfLaYeR- those who stood the gaze of the deep, who did not recoil from the echoes, who did not tremble in the face of terror.....will come to understand how a mind is flayed in the deep...



I would advise against any further exploration into what exactly Dr. Saens described. It is evident that, whatever he found, it was powerful enough to unravel the mind of a once great academician and scholar.

Warm Regards,

Dr. N.S. Gomerian, PhD

Professor of Marine Biology

Cardiff University

Dr. Saens - pictured here in his study, circa 1922