Depths of Severn

The Log of Dr. Saens

March / April 1923 - Present (?)

LOG 3.2.1923

Having spent the majority of my time over the last two months exploring the depths of the Severn, I have begun to wonder if I am passing between realms...

These creatures are becoming further uncanny and almost beyond description. There are dolphins in the depths that do not surface for air...octopi that are constantly altering their appearance, as if they were teetering between planes of existence

Still I hear the wailing cry from the rings in my mind. An ever present reminder that my work here is not done

LOG 3.8.1923

Having intensely studied the biology of marine life, I am no stranger to the throes of illness. A cough...mild malaise....nothing to worry about....though the pace of exploration has slowed

LOG 3.20.1923

I believe that I have nearly reached the depths of the Severn. There are vague suggestions of architecture present in the lowest portions of the reef....symbolism.....and, perhaps I deceive myself, but that haunting cry is more intense here. I hear it between my ears, deep in my skull...

Meanwhile, my illness lingers...a nuisance - nothing more

LOG 3.24.1923

I...found something.....something great...

The world will bear witness to my discoveries. I have devised a way to preserve these oddities in "stasis" I cannot bear the thought that, upon my demise, they should be lost for all eternity

They will call me a not think poorly of me...

I must heed the wailing cry...

Log 3.29.1923

These treasures - innocents...they must serve some higher purpose

The echo of the deep calls for a sacrifice? The thought is disturbing....