Mouth of Severn

The Log of Dr. Saens

January - February 1923

LOG 1.2.1923

My fascination with the ocean began as a child, where I would tread the shorelines of Wales. Expectantly exploring the tide pools and reefs, I was set on finding something extraordinary under my nose. I continued this practice into my young adulthood, at which point I matriculated at Cardiff to further my study of marine organisms

I quickly realized that the formal study of marine biology is rigid and steeped in ideology. To constrain the mind with unproved laws is an affront to scientific inquiry. And to assume we know precisely what lies in the depths of the ocean is nothing short of arrogance...I know better...

I have recently acquired a portion of a cryptic nautical map describing a region close to the Mouth of the Severn. The origin of the map is was sent to me in an oddly wrapped parcel, accompanied by an inked message reading "From Innsmouth by way of Cardiff". To my knowledge (and all the combined resources of the Cardiff library), there has never been any additional description of the Mouth of Severn beyond it acting as an estuary

It is my intent to explore the Mouth of the Severn. I do not think I was sent the map by mistake...

LOG 1.5.1923

My exploration of the Severn is underway. What I have immediately realizes is that the water has an unusually warm temperature relative to its surroundings, by almost 10 degrees Celsius. At times I feel I can appreciate glimmers of light deep beneath the surface, emitted by amorphous shadows

LOG 1.10.1923

How remarkable....I found a most unusual creature today beyond the Severn in the Bristol channel.

It is buoyant...seemingly bouncing in the water. They shimmer endlessly, reflecting prismatic light.

I find them....enigmatic

LOG 1.17.1923

I have begun to catalogue these creatures. They are innumerable in variety and size

Quite odd in appearance...but I find them charming

I do not suspect a malevolent purpose.

They drift slowly towards the water's surface...then gently sink while facing me, as if to offer an invitation to see more...

LOG 2.4.1923

I have finally mustered the courage to dive deep in the Severn, following the luminous tracks left by the fish

There are forms of fish here that do not fit any phylogenetic tree. I believe they are completely isolated species

I I the first to stumble upon these beings? I have assumed that the parcel of map was sent to me by a kindred explorer. Regardless...I must explore further

LOG 2.26.1923

The creatures in the Severn appear to be analogs of typical marine organisms...though imparted with unusual capabilities

Many possess unstable energies that spontaneously release into the surrounding water. I believe this explains the temperature gradient I had initially noticed in the Severn

Curiously....I hear a wail in the depths. Something akin to the noise made by whales...but more melancholy. A longing cry

I have begun to hear it outside the water.....I will eventually find its source